In the Hotel Castel, joie de vivre is lived. And you can feel that. From the reception to the breakfast service to the cozy beds. The reason for this? Passionate hosts and a team that has one thing in common: a love of work, the mountains and the guests of Hotel Castel.

We put heart and soul and pure joie de vivre into our profession.


With the Hotel Castel, Christian has created a place for living. Full of appreciation. Full of coziness. Full of gratitude for being. Life is allowed to develop here. His life as well as that of his family and his always welcome guests. Together we celebrate joy and enjoy life – very literally. Christian is an amazing host and a passionate cook at the same time and therefore he likes to cook by himself to offer a special experience of taste for his family, his friends, and his guests.

Hotel Castel - Serfaus - Team


Life. Love. Laugh. For Heidi this is pure joy of life. And Heidi herself is pure joy of life as well. When she welcomes her guests and her team in the morning, it brings up a smile on everyone’s face. The Hotel Castel is her home and with her warm nature she also takes care that it is a home for her guests. A home where life shows up like it is. In all its facets.

Hotel Castel - Serfaus - Team


Home at Castel

The Hotel Castel is her home. Serfaus is her home. Family is her joy of life. Vicky also counts her guests as part of her family. Whether in service, at the reception or when setting the breakfast table, Viki loves contact with people. She loves the familiar atmosphere, the togetherness and the unbroken solidarity that makes the house such a special place for family and joy. No wonder that everyone likes to come back season after season, regardless of whether they are a guest or an employee.

Hotel Castel - Serfaus - Team


Our good-hearted soul at the front desk

Sabine brings a lot of positive energy in this house. And she shows this with body and soul. Our guests feel it too. For example, when Sabine welcomes you warmly at our reception. When she is at your side with words and deeds. Or just when she sends you a friendly smile on your way to the next mountain adventure. For 15 years, Sabine sees the Castel as her home – at the front desk of the house and wherever it is necessary, she ensures that you, our guests, feel the same.

Hotel Castel - Serfaus - Team


Warm-hearted service

Dominika is for love’s sake here at Hotel Castel in Serfaus. For the love of the mountains. For the love for the guests, of course. But also, the love for Stefan, our helping hand in the house and in the kitchen. The guests are her constant motivation. When she lovingly sets your breakfast table in the morning and welcomes you with a smile, her day begins full of joy.

Hotel Castel - Serfaus - Team


Service with charisma

A contagious smile accompanies Peter at work. He only found his way to the Castel a few years ago – he followed his brothers Jan and Stefan. Together they are a family within the Castel family, and they care for team spirit and a good atmosphere in the hotel. Peter shares his fascination for the Alps, nature and skiing with his guests.


Chef de Rang

Friendly and courteously Tomáš will accompany you through your dinner. Furthermore, he is responsible for our bar. And he takes that just as serious as the well-being of our guests. With him you will always find an open ear for your wishes, and on top of that a wonderful conversation partner. With a lot of interest, he is listening to mountain stories, and he is exchanging his experiences with you. Thereby he likes to offer you a glass of wine or serves you a delicious refreshment in between.


Service with a good mood

Melania loves her tasks in the service, but especially the direct contact with our guests. Whether while preparing the delicious breakfast, during the afternoon snack or at the dinner, Melania always finds the time for a short conversation and a friendly smile. Since summer 2021 she enriches the Castel with her pleasant nature and positive mood. And since January 2022 her son peter joined the team as all-rounder.

Hotel Castel - Serfaus - Team


Head of the kitchen

Vladi has been a chef at Castel for ten years. Our guests probably rarely get to see him. Because while you recharge your batteries for a day in the mountains at the breakfast buffet, Vladimir and his kitchen team are already working on your next culinary experience. He shares his enthusiasm for cooking with his nephew, Jan, who assists him every day in creating delicious new dishes.

Hotel Castel - Serfaus - Team


Aide de Cuisine

For eight years, Jan teams up with his uncle Vladi in the kitchen, they are an unbeatable team. The result of working together with the same love and passion for cooking, you can smell, taste, and enjoy in every meal. Jan gets his inspiration from the mountains, where he can enjoy nature and especially the little things in life.

Hotel Castel - Serfaus - Team


The man for all cases

Stefan supports the kitchen and the whole house for already eight years. As an electrician with a lot of manual skills, he provides, that the Hotel’s hardware is working without any problems. Besides he also cares for order and cleanliness in the house. In his free time, the allrounder spends a lot of time with his brothers Jan, Peter and his uncle Vladimir at the soccer field – or with his beloved girlfriend Dominika at a romantic place up in the mountains.


Man, who can do everything

Whether in the kitchen, in the service or as a janitor, the quality standards of the house are Peter’s highest priority. The all-rounder is a real lucky find for the hotel and our guests. Speaking of happiness: Peter finds it in the beautiful nature of Serfaus. And the close friendships that he made in his team also brings joy into the life of the young Slovakian man. By the way, his mum Melania spoils our guests with the friendliest service.

Hotel Castel - Serfaus - Team


The good fairy in the house

Kismet takes care of all the beautiful rooms and suites and therefore also for the smile, that`s coming up in our guests faces when thy enter their temporary home. Wherever she goes, she leaves order and cleanliness, and a lot of good mood. Because she really enjoys her work and that infects the entire team.